Renewable energy production falls on a strong upward trend.

European Union and other countries with developed economies and developing become more active in implementing laws on pollution.

Under rules introduced by the European Union until 2020 target to be achieved following sites:

  • Share of green energy in total energy consumption is at least 20%;
  • CO2 emissions to fall by 20%;

These conditions will, in the medium and long term, to a growing demand for renewable energy products.

Romania’s potential in the production of green energy is very high. Target set for Romania’s energy consumption from renewable sources by 24% by 2020.

Clean technology can reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials in the production process, while reducing / eliminating emissions and waste. These technologies aim to protect the environment, consumers and employees and at the same time, increasing competitiveness, acting as principles: precaution, prevention, integration.

Harnessing renewable energy is a major policy objective of the European Union, following the gradual abolition in the context of the need to use conventional fuels and energy independence of Member States to foreign sources of energy. This will increase the security of energy supply, ensuring a clean environment by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and promoting regional development. In addition, harnessing renewable energy sources contribute to meeting energy needs in remote rural areas.